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About Percy Hill

Percy Hill brought a fresh perspective to the jam and festival scene in the 90’s and early 00’s, infusing it with a more mature, composed and conscious sound that drew in new listeners and stood out from the din of weary Grateful Dead tributes and two-step mountain bands of the day, and showcased a wider circle of musical influence, evoking the jazz and fusion sounds of Steely Dan and Sting, with some material harkening even further back to reflect sounds of the 70’s rock greats like Santana and Traffic. They did this while maintaining the energy and creativity that the scene demanded for their live shows, and the release of 1998’s “Color In Bloom” cemented their place at the forefront of a burgeoning live music scene that quickly spread across the country and beyond. After a hiatus that afforded band members to focus on family life and other musical projects, the band reunited in 2016 much to the delight of their loyal fanbase, and they continue to play live and write new material, evolving their sound and inviting a new generation of music fans to join in the fun.


Upcoming Shows

December 27th – Hill Country Barbecue Market – 30 West 26th St New York, New York 10010.  

December 28th – Percy Hill w/The Rustic Overtones – The Cabot Theatre – 286 Cabot St. Beverly, MA


“Color in Bloom is a crunchy artificial paradise concerned with vision, growth, and

decay. Songwriters Aaron Katz (newbie drummer) and Nathan Wilson (founding key-boardist) have created a complex Baudelairean scenario (“like flowers wilting slowly we are planted here”) over the course of an album no less organically rooted in site-specific sociology than, say, American Beauty or Nevermind. In songs hinging on simultaneous recognition and horror of the romantic other, Color discovers grace and redemption amid decomposing lysergic nights and Ecstasy hangovers. Repeated images of the sun, moon, and stars suggest euphoric and frightening bemushroomed visions reinforced by cover illustrations of grossly dilated corneas.”

Fans continuously streamed into the Sinclair on the 11th, leading to a packed house on a beautiful night in the Boston area ahead of the band consisting of keyboardist Nate Wilson, drummer Aaron Katz, guitarist Joe Farrell, bassist John Leccese and featuring percussionist Yahuba Garcia-Torrestaking the stage around 9 p.m. The rhythms flowed naturally in Cambridge as Percy Hill’s opening set featured deeper cuts such as “St. Lucilia,” the keyboard-heavy “After All” and “Sunrise” to warm up the crowd. Leccese’s deep bass tones, coupled with crisp in-the-pocket drumming by Katz kept the music flowing right along on the back end while Wilson and Farrell danced around the keys and frets, jazzing up the joint with easy-flowing melodies. Garcia-Torres’ backfill on percussion rounded out each performance.”

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